CD-Baby - the best place on the web for selling your indie CDs, streaming, sync, and downloads.

Sound Better - find producers, mixers, mastering engineers, musicians, and more.

Cloud Bounce - quick mastering for releases with genre specific controls.

Music Industry Blueprint - Rick Barker’s program for understanding the industry.

Music Research - run your songs through a record test and get the in-depth info you need from the start.

ASCAP online - music publishing affiliation for songwriters and publishers.

Host Baby.com - affordable and complete web hosting designed by and for musicians!

The Buzz Factor - Bob Baker’s Buzz factor is an invaluable resource for indie bands, labels and musicians!

Music Biz Academy - a great DIY resource with tons of information for indie bands and start-up labels.

How Music Works by David Byrne - the best book on music, performance, production, etc. we’ve read.