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Audio Terrorist since 1984 the band has produced an eclectic set of recordings spanning experimental electro-acoustic to dark dance electronica. With two albums and an EP being worked on in the studio, 2012-2014 look to be an exciting time for the group. Their sound is predominantly Gothic/Industrial with edgy original lyrics and  solid driving bass lines, joined by keyboard and drums. Lead by frontman Kalib DuArte and heavily influenced by diverse artists such as Gary  Numan, Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie, their tracks share an intimate,  raw emotion with the listener.


The Road Vikings our latest signed band has just released their first album on Asylum Arts. tRV is a metal powerhouse with complex guitar and vocal arrangements. Sure to be every rocker’s earworm, from ballad to rip the ceiling off of the place, the recordings more you to get on your bike and ride.


Cuir Bleu originally an offshoot of Audio Terrorist, the band grew into it’s own sexy beast filled with electronic beats and song based vocals. Their moto was “Electronic Rock with a Spanking Beat” and they delivered it to their fans 2001-2008..


Eric Wenger produces electronica like no other. All the recordings start as computer programs written in the C language, evolve into apps, then in to sonic recordings. This is computer music in the extreme sense.


El Silencio Blanco is an international feast from French composer Eric  Wenger and Spanish song writer Michaela Velasquez. Songs such as  Misteriosa drip with the passion of a Cirque Du Soliel arial ballet  while Diablesa pounds you with dance floor beats. All in all, the soundtrack for the most passionate hour of your life.


Zohreh is another Eric Wenger collaboration. Here his acoustic and symphonic styles are matched by Iranian singer Zohreh singing in Farsi.


Nevermynd collaborated with Audio Terrorist in a light hearted holiday release “Happy New Year”. He’s become instrumental to the band producing their single “Caravan of the Soul” and Kalib’ solo EP.


Kalib the lead in Audio Terrorist has taken an unexpected turn producing a solo EP of songs with influence of folk, rock, soul along side his electronic foundation.

Associated Artists


Hands Upon Black Earth mastered both Audio Terrorist’s Fracture album as well as Cuir Bleu’s Slip Away EP. In addition, all vocal recordings and all track mixes on that album and the followup Sex Toy were created by H.U.B.E


Enrapture remixed “Beyond the Damage” for the version that appears on the 2000 release from Audio Terrorist - Fracture.


Antibiotic Orange collaborated with Audio Terrorist to produce the remix of “Stupid Bitch” and the band remixed his track “Asylum” adding vocals for the Fracture album.


DJ Moda provided the initial mixes for Cuir Bleu’s “Sex Toy” as well as the album’s remix of the title track.


AnnieJ remixed and provided duet vocals on Audio Terrorist’s “Nightpeople”. The track was included on the 2000 release Fracture. She also has a cameo on Beyond the Damage. Recently Annie cowrote The Forest for a future Kalib solo release.


Lee Presson keyboardist for several Cuir Bleu gigs and remixed the single version of Audio Terrorist's Black Leather.


Minus You created a short instrumental version of the Audio Terrorist song “Mother” it appears on Fracture.