Indie Resources

The Buzz Factor.com - Bob Baker’s Buzz factor is an invaluable resource for indie bands, labels and musicians!

Music Biz Academy.com is another great DIY resource with tons of information for indie bands and start-up labels.

Music Research.com - run your songs through a record test and get the in-depth info you need from the start

CD-Baby.com - the best place on the web for selling your indie CDs and downloads

ASCAP online - music publishing affiliation for songwriters and publishers

Host Baby.com - affordable and complete web hosting designed by and for musicians!

Bands & Cool Sites

El Silencio Blanco.com

Cuir Bleu.com


Lee Presson & the Nails


More Moose Music

Chris and Cosey

 Thomas Asmuth Portfolio

Axis Records

Dark Garden Corsetry

Oil on Canvas by Thomas Asmuth

See another of Thomas’ incredible paintings on the cover of Cuir Bleu’s Slip Away Limited Edition.

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