Video Production

“Electronic rock with a spanking good beat!”


The video for our single, “Sex Toy”, was a big production! It takes alot to get things done, so we thought we’d share a bit of the process with you...

Locations: SF Citadel, Power Exchange, Pyramind, Outpost Studios

Director: Blackheart

Assistants: Josh Drvsh, Stef

Cast Extras: Itza Gurl, Magdelyn Swallows, Stef, Mistress Lilian, Tiger Boy, Vicious Kind, Davina Valadez, Lady A, Dellaena Maliszewski, Chazz Goldfoot, Shanna Couver, Master William, Jenny Daichie, John Mitchell, Brittney Hart, T.Hooks, Julianna Gallardo, Cristina Navidad, Laura Piccolotto, John Montgomery

Production: We’re hoping to have a preliminary copy of the video by early March and a final posted before April. I’ll keep everyone posted & put up more photos and the video here as we get them! The album is due out in April - more info on that project here.

Just in! Additional still photos by Daniel Riedel are posted here!

for booking please contact Pixie by e-mail or phone: 510.207.9955

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