Kalib DuArte

“Electronic rock with a spanking good beat!”

Kalib DuArte - Composition, keyboards, band leader

Bringing it all together... Kalib brings considerable composition skills and creativity to Cuir Bleu. With a background in performance art and a masters degree in multimedia and electronic music, Kalib’s talents far surpass keyboard playing! In fact, while he prefers to refer to himself as the band’s composer and programmer, Kalib has engineered and produced Cuir Bleu’s demos and CDs and plays electronic drum, theremin and electric guitar.

Take it to the bridge... when he’s not working on Cuir Bleu, Kalib runs run an independent recording label, Asylum Arts, out of Berkeley, California. He has also been the frontman for the band Audio Terrorist for the past 10 years. Some of Kalib’s other projects have included collaborative efforts with Eric Wenger and Zoreh, soundtracking for Cleo Dubois’ video, “Tie Me Up!”, and work with Berkeley performance artist Frank Moore.

for booking please contact Pixie by e-mail or phone: 510.207.9955

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