Dr. Presson

“Electronic rock with a spanking good beat!”

0426-Lee in DMPx300

Dr. Lee Presson - machines

A Doctorate in Knob Twiddling...  Welcome to the band the one and only Dr. Lee Presson! Returning from his exile in Los Angeles, Dr. Presson’s most recent band project was as the keyboard player for Oingo Boingo tribute band, “Dead Man’s Party”.

Musician, Technician, Synthesist, Engineer... Past experience includes the John Belushi Memorial Blues Band and experimental synth combo, Doctor Three. Dr. Presson is also an electronic percussionist and comprises half of DetMach Studios, along with animatronic designer Mark Setrakian. We are pleased and excited to have him on board!

The Doctor is a traditionalist, preferring Old-school synthesis to modern day laptops. Any similarity between the the Nefarious Dr. Presson and internationally renowned swing bandleader Lee Presson is purely coincidental and unintentional... or so his PR folks told us, when pressed.


for booking please contact Pixie by e-mail or phone: 510.207.9955

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