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“Electronic rock with a spanking good beat!”

Band Alumni

Past band members, guest dancers, musicians and vocalists who have joined Cuir Bleu for studio or performance at one time or another...



Makana Morab was Cuir Bleu’s bass player from June 2006 until March 2008. Originally brought on board to run our sound, Makana became an integral part of the band, keeping the rhythm mellow and the energy high! He left the band to complete his Sound Engineering degree at Pyramind in San Francisco, and we hope he’ll come back to play with us when he can!

Severin joined the band in march 2004. A talented guitarist, he added a rock undertone and his own brand of guitar commentary to Cuir Bleu’s live shows. With the band for two years, Severin now lives and plays on the East Coast - but may show up for future gigs...

This shot of Severin with Kalib is from the studio shoot Cuir Bleu’s Slip Away EP.

photo by Larry Utley

Mark Ungar filled in on lead guitar for the 2005 Folsom Street Fair gig and also at Cuir Bleu’s Limited Edition CD Release Party. An extremely versatile musician, Mark plays with celtic rock band Avalon Rising and recently performed with the group Crooked Family in the acclaimed Bay Area rock opera “Thanatics”.

You can find more info on Mark by visiting More Moose Music.

Gray, our itinerant violinist, lives in switzerland and has been known to appear for sessions when in the neighborhood. a virtuoso musician, gray is also a good sport - allowing us to dress him in fetish wear for this 2003 video shoot without (major) complaints. the transformation was quite intriguing!

Johnny Target has go-go danced for Cuir Bleu at gigs ranging from Club Shadowplay to the Folsom Street Fair. He also spent several years dancing at San Francisco’s bondage-a-go-go.

photo: (c) 2005 manta ray arts

The sexy miss Tori McCabre danced with Cuir Bleu for the CD Release party on October 7th. Check out her website, www.evilponygirl.com for more... evocative... imagery!

photo: evilponygirl.com

Aunikkah - fans will remember aunikkah from her audio terrorist days. a talented vocalist, she has joined us in the past for studio sessions and performances with frank moore. we hope to work more with aunikkah in the future.

photo: kalib


Travis helped the band by laying down additional bass tracks for “the city”. a newcomer to the industry, we hope to hear more as his musical talent evolves!






Zia joined pixie in a duet on “What a Piece of Work is Man” for the Yule 2001 demo release. A veteran singer, Zia performed in “Hair” and “Godspell”, and has sung with San Francisco’s “world famous glide ensemble”.



Justine worked with cuir bleu early on as a back-up vocalist. her past performance experience includes blue max, the john belushi memorial blues band and lee presson and the nails.


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